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Lawn Slit-Seeding

Slit-Seeding and Overseeding

An example of a before and after lawn with Green4Ever's slit seeding service.

Is your lawn looking a little sickly overall?  Not dense or plush, just overall a little “less”?  With overseeding, we cover your turf with grass seed using a broadcast spreader to encourage blade fill in, and increase density.  Overseeding is usually offered in conjunction with our aeration services for best results, but an overseed can be done as a stand-alone service as well. 

Now, if there is a certain part or parts of your lawn to need a little extra TLC, caused by extensive dog spots, grubs, winter kill, fungus or voles, slit seeding is likely your best bet to rejuvenate those areas.  To slit seed, we use a specific machine to create a small slit in the turf, then plant seeds in that depression.  This creates a much better seed-to-soil contact, increasing your chances of germination.

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