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Lawn Care Service for Sioux Falls and Surrounding Areas

Green4Ever has been voted one of the “Sioux Falls Local Best” in the Lawn Maintenance category 20 years in a row! Green4Ever is a local, family-owned business that has been providing high quality and dependable lawn care service to Sioux Falls and surrounding areas since 1984. Our mission is to make your lawn the green envy of the block. The key to a beautiful Green4Ever lawn is our trifecta system.  1)  Diagnose, 2) Deliver, and 3) Water!

1) Diagnose

Our full time, highly-trained staff has years of experience in lawn care and pest control.  Our lawn care technicians are experts in diagnosing turf conditions including, but not limited to, broadleaf weeds, perennial grasses, fungus, and turf pests such as voles and grubs.  While on your property, our technicians take extra time to identify and analyze any conditions in your lawn, so that we create a treatment plan specifically for your property and address each condition appropriately. Our techs are licensed with the South Dakota and Iowa Departments of Agriculture and receive extensive on-the-job training, and meet all certification requirements to treat your property properly and safely.

2) Deliver

We optimize application timing, rate, and delivery of products for your turf to maximize nutrient absorption, and target weeds and invasive pests before they become a problem.  We spot treat weeds we find while on the premises for your regular service applications and offer free service calls for weeds with our Premium 6 Step Lawn Care Program.  Our Premium Lawn Care program is guaranteed to improve the health, look, and feel of your lawn.

3) Water

Like all living things, especially green things, your turf needs water. A proper watering regimen promotes a healthy root system which reduces environmental stress. A distressed lawn is more prone to fungus, insects, weeds, and drought damage. Your partnership in watering your lawn on a consistent schedule, 2x per week, ½ in per week will allow our system to penetrate into the roots and promote intake of the nutrients your turf needs to flourish. 

Green4Ever has been voted one of the “Sioux Falls Local Best” in the Lawn Maintenance category 20 years in a row!  Your 100% satisfaction is very important to us since you and your turf are our greatest advertising vehicle.

Our mission is to provide quality customer service and care in a consistent, safe, and timely manner. We guarantee the highest quality of work at competitive prices. Contact our office today to find out how we can make your lawn look its best.  Call 605-334-7399 or toll free 1-844-26-GRASS now!

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