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Tips for Watering Your Lawn

How Much Should I Water My Lawn?

Keep in mind that your yard needs water to stay green, especially during times of high winds and low rainfalls like we usually experience in the summer. Grass in our area needs one inch of water per week to stay green and to avoid going dormant in the summer heat . We recommend watering at the rate of ½ inch, twice a week. If natural rainfall occurs during that week, additional watering may not be necessary. Without water, grass eventually goes dormant , turning brown and staying that way until adequate moisture revives it. Frequent , short watering can be damaging to the lawn and may encourage poor root format ion and other lawn turf problems. Be consistent with your watering schedule; your lawn will thank you by staying green and healthy this summer.

A series of lawn sprinklers.

When Should I Water My Lawn?

We recommend watering in the early morning hours so that the grass blades have a chance to dry off by mid-day. We do not recommend watering during the heat of the day because most of the water is lost due to evaporation. We also do not recommend watering in the evening because it will increase your chance of fungus as the grass blades will not have a chance to dry before the dark, cool night sets in.

How Do You Know How Much Water Your Lawn is Receiving?

Since natural rainfall can vary from one side of town to the other, a rain gauge is recommended for every household. For irrigated lawns, place a straight -sided container on the grass and time how long it takes for a ½- inch of water to accumulate. This might not be exact; however you can use this method as a way to get a good idea how long you need to water to achieve the desired amount. Generally speaking, mister sprinkler heads produce ½ inch in 15 minutes while rotors produce ½ inch in one hour.

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