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Tips for Re-Sodding a Lawn

Tips for Successfully Re-Sodding a Lawn

  • Newly sodded lawns may require watering one or two times a day. Begin irrigation immediately after laying sod. Water sod enough to wet the sod strip and the top inch of soil below the sod.
  • The first irrigation requires about 1 inch of water to achieve complete wetting of the sod. After watering, lift up pieces of sod at several locations to determine if it has been adequately irrigated. Continue watering one to two times a day or as needed with light irrigations to prevent wilting and to ensure a moist soil just below the sod layer. As sod becomes established and roots penetrate and grow in the soil, gradually reduce the frequency of watering but wet the soil deeper. After sod has been mowed two or three times, water deeply and infrequently. 
  • During hot, windy conditions, establishing sod may require several light waterings per day to prevent wilt and stress. In this case, water the sod lightly just to wet the leaf surface and not to supply water to the soil. Misting cools the grass plant as water is evaporated from the leaves.
closeup of a roll of lawn sod.
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