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Moss and Mushrooms on Your Lawn

Why do I have Green Moss Growing in the Lawn?

The good news is that moss will not take over or kill the lawn. It simply grows where there are already dead spots, usually caused by compaction and/or shade. This could be a spot where dogs or humans walk frequently; maybe a path, an entrance to a gate, or shady spots under trees. Because the soil is compacted &/or shady will make it very difficult for grass to grow. Moss is easy to control, but there are a few cultural practices that you’ll want to do for your lawn to prevent it from coming back.

What are the solutions to Moss in the Lawn?

We recommend aerating and overseeding with the proper grass seed. Aerating will improve the soil and reseeding will improve the grass. Both of these combined will make it harder and harder for moss to continue to grow there. Try to reduce excessive shade by pruning up large bushes and trees. Call Green4Ever for a price quote on aeration.

Grass with moss.

Why are There Mushrooms in My Yard?

We see mushrooms during times of wet weather. Mushrooms or toadstools, live on organic matter buried in the soil (this could be old tree stumps, rotting roots, lumber from construction, animal waste, or old mulch). During times of wet weather, mushrooms are sent up, and will continue to be sent up, to help decompose whatever organic material is under the soil.

Will mushrooms hurt my lawn?

In most cases, no. The mushrooms themselves are mainly unsightly in a well manicured lawn.

What are the solutions to mushrooms on my lawn?

Since we are dealing with Mother Nature and conditions that are outside of our control, there is no product to spray to permanently eradicate mushrooms. When the organic material is completely decomposed, the mushrooms will disappear. You can rake them up, mow them over, or pick them by hand.

mushrooms on a lawn.

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