Lawn Edging & Slit-Seeding

Lawn Edging

Lawn Edging & Slit-SeedingWhat is the finishing touch that will give you the professional look you want? Proper edging of your property will enhance your lawn and give you excellent curb appeal. A properly edged lawn also makes snow removal much easier. Make your lawn eye catching, get it EDGED! Note: Edgings can be done anytime.



Lawn Edging & Slit-SeedingDoes your lawn need a little help thickening up? Maybe it was a tough summer and you have some patches to fill in. Have your large shade trees thinned out your lawn over the years? Let us know if you need our help over-seeding these spots. Our slit-seeder machine will cut a channel into the dirt & drop the grass seed into that channel. This allows for a much better seed-to-soil contact, increasing your chances of germination. The cost is dependant on square footage. Give us a call today to get a price quote & to get on the schedule! NOTE: seeding should be done before the end of September for optimal growth.