Lawn Aeration
Lawn AerationBy removing soil cores, aeration allows your lawn to breathe by providing a channel for fertilizer, water, and air to get down to the roots of your lawn encouraging deeper root growth. It also decreases water runoff and reduces thatch build up. The plugs then decompose naturally in a couple of weeks, also adding nutrients to the soil. Your lawn will be stimulated to grow new, more vigorous root zone, which will help prepare it for the inevitable stresses that come with our South Dakota climate.

Although lawn aerations can also be performed during the early spring, we recommend and schedule them for the fall time only, when the temperatures are cool or begin to moderate. Soil must be moist to do the aeration. Sprinkler heads and sprinkler boxes need to be marked prior to the service. Lawn aerations are not recommended for new sod or newly seeded lawns less than 2 years old.