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Lawn Learning Center

All Your Lawn Care Questions Answered
Lawn care tips and answers for the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas, including weed control identification, lawn watering, reseeding, crabgrass prevention, grubs and much more.

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 PDFdown-sm.pngDo You Have Crabgrass  PDFdown-sm.pngDog Spots PDFdown-sm.pngSpring 2017
 PDFdown-sm.pngCommon Lawn Fungus
 PDFdown-sm.pngGrubs PDFdown-sm.pngLate Fall/Winter '15
PDFdown-sm.pngMoles vs. Voles PDFdown-sm.pngMoss & Mushrooms

PDFdown-sm.pngLate Summer '15
PDFdown-sm.pngPower Raking vs. Aerating
PDFdown-sm.pngRe-seeding PDFdown-sm.pngSpring 2015
 PDFdown-sm.pngRe-sodding  PDFdown-sm.pngWatering Your Lawn PDFdown-sm.pngSummer 2014
PDFdown-sm.pngWinter Damage Varieties PDFdown-sm.pngTips for Drought Conditions   PDFdown-sm.pngSpring 2014
PDFdown-sm.png'11-'12 Drought

PDFdown-sm.pngEarly Spring '14

Weed Identification

Types of Weeds We Kill...    dandelions, crabgrass, clover, thistle, creeping jenny, foxtail and more (click on picture below for identification and a larger view)

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